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Why Tea Is Better Than Coffee!

Posted on August 23, 2019

Tea or Coffee

Good morning readers and welcome to another exciting Indian Furniture Blog! Today on this glorious Friday I am enjoying a nice warm cup of tea – even though it’s August. No matter the weather, us Brits love a nice cup of tea or coffee.

However, the question that generally divides the nation is this: Tea or Coffee? For decades this feud has broken up families, with cups smashing against the table, raised voices dancing throughout the kitchen and bouncing off the circular electric kettle.

So, what is better?

Of course there is no right answer, only opinions. My friends like to put a steaming mug of coffee on their Industrial Coffee Table, and the stench makes my head swoon and spin it’s that strong. I can’t understand their obsession for the brown granules, which lie firmly on the Cuba Natural Sheesham 4 Hole Storage Unit.

Now, these 2 famous drinks are made quite differently, so there are pros and cons to both. For example, tea is made with a tea bag, where you let the tea soak in boiling water for a few minutes to get the richest taste possible. However, coffee is simply made with boiling water – no need to wait!

Tea bags on the other hand, are neat and compact so spilling is a rare occasion which is personally why I love to create a hefty mug of liquid gold.

When I am working, like I am currently, I place my British Tea on my Indian Dakota Light Large Office Desk, and its warm temperature warms me to my core so that I’m fuzzy and relaxed. For me, coffees taste is too strong, especially on a morning – I’d be bouncing off the walls!

That concludes this blog everyone. I personally love tea and the stature it holds in our history; however you might have different opinion. If you love coffee, why? I’d love to know.

I hope you have a good weekend everyone, goodbye!