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The heatwave carries on!

Posted on July 26, 2018

Sun shining down on a city.

Good morning readers, I hope that you all are doing well this morning. Has everyone heard the news? The water ban is being rolled out on the 5th August for a large amount of time until the drought stops.

However, the ban doesn’t affect everyone as there has been some exemptions put in place for those who really need it. This varies from having a disability or assisting the wildlife. The only reason I know that is because I have spent a lot of time at my Cube Office Desk researching what the exemptions are.

So how will the water company know those who haven’t been following the ban? Well, there has been a phone number released for anyone to ring up and report the mis-use of water.

With the ban approaching soon, I thought I would make you all aware of it; in case you haven’t already noticed. The heatwave in the UK has sadly forced this ban into action with the scorching weather showing no sign at all of slowing down.

The UK is however due to have a small thunderstorm bringing some rain but not enough in order for the ban to be halted. The heat isn’t just causing water problems either, it is also causing places to set on fire and send people into overheated mode.

This has meant that the United Kingdoms’ emergency services have been put on a crazy rush. It’s very easy to say we aren’t used to this type of weather for so long in the UK; for a couple of days yes but not for months and months.

As this blog comes to an end, please make sure that you keep yourselves in the shade and hydrated at all times. See you tomorrow for the next daily blog and yes Friday is now on the horizon.