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Snowy Days

Posted on March 8, 2018

Snowy Days

Well good morning readers, you may find me right now not at my usual Cuba Sheesham Desk; however at home with a warm cup of coffee and a blank sheet of paper in front of me.

This is because once again Britain seems to be in the grip of snow, which means if you’re like me and use public transport you are not going anywhere.

However rather than sit about all day doing nothing I have decided that I would start up a blog and see how things turn out.

So I got myself a warm cup of hot chocolate (the joys of home working) sat in front of the Indian Wood Coffee Table we have in our living room and decided to get cracking.

However the weird thing is this, this was supposed to be a blog winging about how the snow makes travelling hard.

Yet here I was sitting with coffee in hand, looking round at my living room filled with handmade Indian Wood Furniture.

From the coffee table to the bookcase to the sideboard all the way to the Mango Wood TV Unit. Each and every piece caught my attention and made me feel cosy and secure.

This is the advantage which Natural Wood furniture has over man made contemporaries. Whereas these flat pack alternatives are certainly more convenient and in the short term they are cheaper.


However such pieces are often finished off to such a clean and crisp polish that they lose all of their character and charm, which is especially noticeable on days like today.


On the other side, it’s a lot easier to appreciate the natural charm and charisma of my Dakota Bookcase, with its wood grain being completely distinctive and unique to it alone.


Isn’t it funny that snowy days make you pay attention to these sorts of things, however it has made me even more convinced of the quality I get from investing in handmade Indian Wood Furniture.