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Posted on May 14, 2019


Hello everyone! I have recently started a new diet regime for summer – perfect for those hot days. As part of my new curriculum I have begun not only eating healthily and exercising, but also taking care of my spiritual well-being through meditation and yoga. Now, don’t laugh! It’s a very serious routine to me, and personally helps me re-evaluate current problems I have going on.

When I first started I was really nervous, as the instructor had Indian Furniture all over her house and I was a little shy. The graceful woman swans across the room, placing incense sticks onto her Industrial Small Iron Crank Coffee Table, her Natural Cube Sheesham Large Multi-Shelf and her Indian Cube Natural Storage Cube all of which stood proudly around the room, encompassing the warmth within the room.

We stretched upwards towards the ceiling, pointing our fingers towards the beams that ran across the wall perimeters. Our bodies elongated vertically in one single swift movement, fanning the incense air around the humble room. As we sat opposite each other, I realise I don’t even know her name, but her surroundings are so peaceful and calm so I just close my eyes and relax my neck.

My head spins round on its axis, left and right slowly, my body in a complete state of euphoria. I can feel my problems slipping away and I am completely relaxed. I notice how my problems will not be with me all my life. The teacher grabs something off of her Indian Mango Dark DVD/CD Storage Unit and places it in the dvd player. A soft call whistles through the speakers, birds begin chirping and trees rustle together in unison.

I open my eyes are I come to a realisation that the Indian Furniture I once thought was dark and scary, is completely at peace and embraces our minds and bodies. That concludes this blog reader, I’m not even quite sure how the teacher did it, but my mind is completely at rest after the meditation.