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Just The Right Spot

Posted on April 12, 2018

Just The Right Spot - Dakota Dining Set

Well it’s an exciting day here in the Indian Furniture office as we are having one of our monthly photoshoots.

These are fantastic not just for demonstrating our new Indian Wood collections, but also giving old collections a fresh look and feel.

Such is happening with our Dakota Dining Sets today, as our collection of pyramid dining tables is getting the new picture treatment.

However as is always the case with professional photo shooting positioning is everything. It took quite a lot of heavy lifting of the units Mango Wood frame in order to find just the right spot for lighting and exposure.

Oddly enough as we were lugging the Dakota Dining Table around it got me thinking that those of you reading have also had a similar experience.

As with any Indian Wood Furniture finding the right place for it is key, after all furniture is designed to add structure and a flow to your home design.

This is critical no matter which room you are in.

Taking the dining set as an example, there is no point in it being placed in the center or a kitchen diner as it is more than likely going to get in the way. Rather it is better in a more secluded area of the room as to not disrupt meal preparation.

Another example is the living room. Unlike a dining area, the living room is the most frequented room in the home. Therefore furniture is a key factor in its design, as it demonstrates the mood as well as adding practicality to your everyday life.

Hence having your Indian Wood Coffee Table just in the right place is key to maintaining this. The same goes for pieces such as the Mango Wood TV Unit and Sheesham Bookcase. If any of these pieces feel slightly out of place then it could affect how you feel in the room.

This is why it’s so important to get your Indian Wood Furniture in just the right spot.