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Living Room

The Living Room is home to the most diverse range of furniture designs of any room in the home. This includes pieces like the stylish Indian Jali TV Units and Dakota Mango Bookcases.

The living room furniture collection is filled with living room favorites, that are tailored to both small and large living room spaces. Each example is made from 100% Natural Indian Wood!

Industrial Square Mirror

Industrial Square Mirror (IND19)



The Industrial Square Mirror is a unique piece that will fit in any bedroom, living room and home study. Adding to this units feel is a iron border emphasising it’s stance in your family home, giving this unit an industrial touch perfect for any room ...
Industrial Media Unit

Industrial Media Unit (IND3)



The Industrial Media Unit is a beautiful piece which showcases it’s iron framework in a unique way. Each unit comes with two drawers, two shelves and a large spacious top designed for those medium TV sized sets in mind. The Industrial Media Unit is built from Solid Mango Wood, which in this example has been given that rich light wood finish. ...

Industrial Wide Media Unit (IND1)



The Industrial Wide Media Unit is a welcomed addition into any family room. This unit has both an excellent design accompanied with an effective storage space, which gifts two shelves and two large drawers. This is great for the storage of any home media devices or accessories. Each unit is handmade with Solid Mango Wood which has a Light wood fin ...

Cuba Natural Sheesham Shelf Unit (C7NW)



The Cuba Natural Sheesham Multi-Shelf Unit is a fantastic home storage feature for the living room, bedroom or study. Each unit features 3 open shelving spaces great for books, DVDs, ornaments, cosmetics and clothing. Each example is handmade from Indian Sheesham Wood which in this example retains its natural wood colour. Each unit is also availabl ...
Large Natural Cube Shelf Unit

Natural Cube Sheesham Large Multi-Shelf (C7N)



The Cube Natural Large Multi-Shelf is a great alternative to a traditional bookcase. Featuring a sleek and sophisticated design, each unit comes with 7 open shelves great for books, folders, collectable displays and more. Each unit is handmade from Sheesham Wood which in this example retains its natural wood colour, giving each unit a distinctive t ...
Cuba Natural Sheesham Bookcase

Cube Natural Sheesham Bookcase (C8N)



The Cube Natural Sheesham Bookcase is a stylish home storage feature, great for the living room, bedroom or home study. Each unit features 4 roomy shelves ideal for books as well as other home accessories such as DVD’s, ornaments, folders and much more. Each one of our bookcases is carefully hand carved from 100% Indian Sheesham Wood, with this e ...
Cuba Natural Sheesham Bookcase

Cuba Natural Sheesham Bookcase (C8NW)



The Cuba Natural Sheesham Bookcase aims to bring traditional bookcase design into the modern living room, bedroom or home study design. Each unit comes with 4 roomy shelves, each of which is ideal for books, folders, ornaments and much more.Each of our bookcases is handmade from the finest Indian Sheesham Wood, which in this example retains its dis ...
Cuba Natural Sheesham 2 Hole Storage Unit

Cuba Natural Sheesham 2 Hole Storage Unit (C10NW)



The Cuba Natural Sheesham 2 Hole Storage Unit is a novel home storage feature, perfect for organising your living room or home study. Each units slender frame can be stood both horizontally and vertically, allowing it to take advantage of smaller spaces within your room. Each units 2 square storage spaces are perfect for DVD’s, books, stationary ...