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Living Room

The Living Room is home to the most diverse range of furniture designs of any room in the home. This includes pieces like the stylish Indian Jali TV Units and Dakota Mango Bookcases.

The living room furniture collection is filled with living room favorites, that are tailored to both small and large living room spaces. Each example is made from 100% Natural Indian Wood!

Industrial Console Table

Industrial Console Table (IND16)



The Industrial Console Table is a smart piece that will look at home straight away in any living room or study. Built from naturally sourced Mango Wood and implementing Iron framing this unit has both an excellent design and quality. ...

Industrial Nest of Tables (IND15)



The Industrial Nest of Table is a wonderful versatile piece which is compatible for any home and room design. This piece can be used as two seperate tables or nested together, the possibilites are endless! Crafted out of Solid Mango Wood which excellently  contrasts with the cast iron legs gives you both the quality and great design that you des ...
Industrial Wide Coffee Table

Industrial Wide Coffee Table (IND14)



The Industrial Wide Coffee Table is an ideal storage option for those wanting a standout feature within their family home. Each unit has two large flat surfaces as well as two spacious drawers for those home essentials. The Industrial Wide Coffee Table is made from Solid Mango Wood and features a elegant Iron frame design. ...

Industrial Coffee Table (IND13)



The Industrial Coffee Table is a stunning addition into any living room or study. This unit provides two spacious surfaces that are perfect for your morning or afternoon food and drinks. The Industrial Coffee Table is built from the highest quality Mango Wood and implements Iron framework. ...
IND18 Mirror

Industrial Mirror (IND18)



The Industrial Mirror will be a great addition to any home. This unit will look amazing in any bedroom, hallway or study. Crafted out of solid Mango Wood this provides a great contrast with the cast iron border leaving you with the quality and design that you desire. ...
Industrial Small Sideboard

Industrial Small Sideboard (IND7)



The Industrial Small Sideboard is a tidy unit for any family room. Each unit will come with three large drawers as well as one cabinet showcasing a built in shelf making it ideal to store your household essentials away efficiently. The Industrial Small Sideboard is made from the best quality of Solid Mango Wood and implements a Iron frame adding t ...
Large Industrial Sideboard

Industrial Large Sideboard (IND6)



The Industrial Sideboard is a charming piece of furniture, ideal for any family home. Crafted from Solid Mango Wood this unit has both a high quality and a lavish design with it’s iron framework standing out. Featuring three drawers and two cabinets both including a built in shelf your storage space is endless. ...
Industrial Sideboard

Industrial Sideboard (IND5)



The Industrial Sideboard is a stunning piece of furniture, ideal for any family household. Made from Solid Mango Wood this unit has both a high quality and a lavish design. Featuring two drawers and two cabinets both including a built in shelf your storage needs are catered for significantly. ...
Industrial Square Mirror

Industrial Square Mirror (IND19)



The Industrial Square Mirror is a unique piece that will fit in any bedroom, living room and home study. Adding to this units feel is a iron border emphasising it’s stance in your family home, giving this unit an industrial touch perfect for any room ...
Industrial TV Unit

Industrial TV Unit (IND4)



The Industrial TV Unit would be a welcomed addition into any family home, with it being a perfect piece for the living room and it’s spacious surface area specifically designed for large TV sets in mind. Alongside this is 3 drawers and a shelf which provide extra storage space for your essentials. Each unit is built from only the highest qual ...
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