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How to care for your Indian Furniture!

Posted on June 14, 2019

Indian Furniture Care

Good morning readers! On rainy Fridays like this we all seem to notice the condition of our furniture, don’t we? A crack there, a scratch here, the list is endless! Of course to the naked eye our Indian Furniture seems pristine, but to us we notice the imperfections no matter how durable the wood is.

In this blog I’ll share a few of my easiest tips to prevent your Solid Wood Furniture from showcasing those annoying little nicks – here in the Trade Furniture office we love to share little secrets and notes on how we all keep our furniture at its best possible quality.

  1. Take care!

Now this is an obvious one, but even the most active of households have to be careful not to knock over their Cube Natural Nest or spill hot coffee right all over the Indian Dakota Dark 1 Door Desk! Mistakes do happen, but taking that extra minute to use a place-mat or store units away makes a world of difference to you and your family furniture!

  • Clean regularly!

Cleaning your furniture really shows a difference, especially if it’s done right. Using a cloth and a little bit of Fiddes Supreme Light Wax from Trade Furniture for your Indian Cube Light Small Multishelf Dresser Open will restore that charming character you’ve come to love. Even just a light touch up with a duster on any of our Indian Living Room range will add a breath of fresh air.

  • If things still go wrong, don’t panic!

You and I both know that life always has hidden surprise for us, and your Cube Natural Double Wardrobe is no exception. If scratches and cuts do still seem to wiggle their away across the luxurious Indian Wood don’t panic! Our Scratch cover pen is available in a Dark Wood colour, a Honey Wood colour and light Wood colour to cover up any imperfections and bang- nobody even notices!

So now we have given you our top 3 tips, we hope you have a good weekend! Let us know how your furniture is thriving with these tricks at