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Cooking Something New

Posted on March 27, 2018

Curry Pizza

Good morning readers, I hope that everyone’s Monday is doing well, despite reports of the Beast From The East P3 on its way.

The clocks went forward one hour last Friday night which had completely thrown my Saturday morning out of sync. Usually I will always have my phone sitting on my Indian Sideboard, with its alarm switched on at the ready; ensuring that I don’t miss any of the following day.

Well, most clock technology now updates itself digitally when it comes to the time changes. However, sadly this wasn’t the case with my phone not changing it’s time automatically. Now you may all be thinking he had a much longer amount of time in bed, that’s great’, which indeed it was, but I’d missed out on some of the chores I was going to do earlier in that day.

So due to missing half of the day, I decided to at least try and make the day eventful, by grabbing a ‘Cooking the best meals #101’ book from my Indian Bookcase in an attempt to learn something completely new.  After a while of reading, it was time to try out what I’d just read.

Just to put it out there, I’m not admitting to being the best Chef around, however I do make a mean beans and toast. Now, this meal I was attempting to make was ‘Curry Pizza’, even though this sounds easy, it definitely wasn’t with me usually being a takeaway ‘master’.

Speeding onwards to try not drag this blog on and on; the meal eaten on my Indian Dining Table ended up being a huge success, so much so I intended to make it a every Friday ritual.

Don’t forget it’s always great to attempt something new. With this blog coming to an end, tomorrow’s blog begins and on that note, until tomorrow fellow readers.