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Posted on June 21, 2018

Sign in the country side with the words 'Flu Season Ahead' written on it..

Good morning readers aren’t bugs just the worst? And I am not even talking about the Insect types either, which is a whole new topic by itself. Well, if you haven’t managed to figure it out yet, somehow I have caught a horrible cold. Looks like fun is on the horizon!

This weekend I was due to be heading out to Scotland with my friends having a ‘lads on tour’ few days. However, it’s starting to look like it won’t be happening with the bug seeming to reach its peak point of causing me nothing but issues. Sadly this has seen me resulting in cancelling all the plans I was hoping to do.

When being ill do you ever find yourself at your Dakota Office Desk, switching the PC on. Googling your symptoms and then before you know it you have diagnosed yourself with over 8 conditions? We all find ourselves doing it, which doesn’t make the situation any better than it was, if anything else it just raises your concerns rather than get rid off them.

Therefore, whenever I hit the stage of being poorly I will more than likely be in my Cube Bed, watching Suits, attempting to draw myself away from tapping away on those laptop keys trying to play Doctor and diagnose what I currently have.

How do you cope when you are ill? Do you carry on with your daily chores ignoring the fact that you are not well or are you like me, one little sniffle and you feel like a cast member on ‘The Walking Dead’.

In conclusion, if you are able to avoid the dreaded source of the internet, I would advise you to do so. Remember, Googling your symptoms will not have an increase of positivity in your situation at all.